Golden Equipment Company


Top-Ten Dealer Awarded to Golden Equipment Company

Each year the Annual APWA show brings dealers of Tymco Regenerative Air Sweepers together to discuss important changes in the industry and award the previous years sales.  During the Annual Tymco Sales Meeting in Phoenix, AZ this year, Golden Equipment was once again honored as a Top-Ten Dealer in 2014 for outstanding Sales, Service, and Parts.  Golden Equipment would like to officially thank our outstanding Sales, Service, and Parts Departments and also our Northeast Regional representative Jeff O’Malley from Tymco.  In addition, we would also like to thank you the customer for making the right decision and purchasing the finest street sweepers in the industry.

Lifetime Warranty on Sewer Cleaners from Aquatech

Unheard of in the industry.  Never before has a manufacturer been so bold and confident in their own product.  Every new combination unit sold from Aquatech now features a LIFETIME WARRANTY on both the Debris Tank and the Water Tanks.  1/4 inch A36 50,000 PSI Steel coupled with the top loading boom help ensure that your machine will last much longer than the competition.  And if it doesn’t, we’ll buy you a new one.  Call today for a no-obligation demonstration in your area.

In-Stock Units at Golden Equipment Company

Golden Equipment Company knows that time is of the essence when it comes to purchasing a piece of equipment.  That is why we constantly have machines that are readily available for you the customer.  When you don’t have time to wait for production you can rest easy that we will have the unit you’re looking for.  We constantly demonstrate our machines, sell them at a reduced rate, and replenish them starting the cycle all over again so that you the customer do not have to wait.  Pieces of equipment that are currently in stock include:

-Tymco 600 BAH Street Sweeper (Stainless Steel)

-Tymco 500X High Dump Sweeper (Stainless Steel)

-Tymco 435 Street Sweeper (Stainless Steel)

-Aquatech B-10 Combination Unit (Lifetime Warranty debris and water tanks)

-Aquatech F-10 Combination Unit (Lifetime Warranty debris and water tanks)

-O’Brien 7040 Trailer Jetter

-Aries Industries 16 ft Box Truck with Lateral and Mainline Inspection system

-Aries Industries Portable Pathfinder Unit

-Aries Industries Seeker 2.0 Push Camera

-Spaulding 3 Ton Hot Patcher

-USB Nozzles 1 inch and 3/4 inch stock sets

-Titan Pro Plus Leaf Loader with ride on seat

-Pacific Tek PV-500 Hydro Excavation Trailer

These machines coupled with our Pre-Owned units will guarantee that you always have a dealer that is ready to roll when you need it the most

Position Change

As of January 1, 2016 our Western Pennsylvania Area Sales Manger Zacch Golden has assumed a new role with our company.  Zacch will now be our Accounts Manager for our sister company Municipal Contracting Services.  If you are in need or rental/contracting of street sweeping services please reach out to Zacch at 724-766-1392 or

Western Pennsylvania will now have a new Area Sales Manager.  Tim Amrine comes to us from our West Virginia Territory and will provide you with the same great service you expect from Golden Equipment Company.  In the event you need to reach Tim please do so at 412-855-4045 or

New Product Line: Pacific-Tek Vacuum Excavators

Golden Equipment has partnered up with Pacific-Tek Vacuum Excavators to give our customers just another tool in the toolbox.  We are very proud of the quality and affordability of the Pacific-Tek lineup.  Golden Equipment now offers anywhere from 100 to 1200 gallon vacuum excavation trailer and truck mounts.  Also if you are in the need of a superior valve exerciser for your water system then look no further.  For more information on how the quality products from Pacific-Tek could help you get the job done please click the link,  For a no-obligation demonstration please feel free to call 1-800-242-1494

New Pittsburgh Regional Office

Golden Equipment Company, Inc.  remains focused on advancing our coverage with our Multi-State operation. We truly feel that customers are always looking for Quality and Value in a product, and a reputable dealership that will work with them.

We have completed our new Corporate Office Building which includes our administration and additional service facilities. The new building also includes a “Clean Room” for the repairing of Aries Sewer Cameras. We are one of three Aries Dealers to be provided exclusive training to become a “Factory Authorized” service center for Aries Industries.

If you would ever like to come and take a tour of a facility that is “In it, to win it” then feel free to give us a call and stop on by.

New Product Line: USB-SEC Nozzles

Golden Equipment Company has partnered up with USB-SEC nozzles to make sure that you the customer have the latest and greatest tools at your disposal.  What good is a new Combination unit/Trailer jetter if you are not working with the best nozzles in the industry.  100% Stainless Steel-Ceramic Insert nozzles that feature a 3 year manufacturer warranty.  Please take a look at what USB-SEC can do for you.  For a no obligation demonstration please contact us at 1-800-242-1494

New Product Line: Titan Leaf Solutions leaf vacuums

Golden Equipment Company has partnered up with Bonnell Industries to represent their Titan Leaf Solutions machines.  Being that our territory is in the Northeast U.S. we understand that the Fall season brings unwanted leaves into our yards and streets.  That is why we only wanted the best machines out there to help you the consumer beat this yearly problem.  For more information on Titan Leaf Solutions take a look here.  And as always for a no obligation demonstration of our high quality product please call us at 1-800-242-1494.