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In-Stock Units at Golden Equipment Company

Golden Equipment Company knows that time is of the essence when it comes to purchasing a piece of equipment.  That is why we constantly have machines that are readily available for you the customer.  When you don’t have time to wait for production you can rest easy that we will have the unit you’re looking for.  We constantly demonstrate our machines, sell them at a reduced rate, and replenish them starting the cycle all over again so that you the customer do not have to wait.  Pieces of equipment that are currently in stock include:

-Tymco 600 BAH Street Sweeper (Stainless Steel)

-Tymco 500X High Dump Sweeper (Stainless Steel)

-Tymco 435 Street Sweeper (Stainless Steel)

-Aries Industries 16 ft Box Truck with Lateral and Mainline Inspection system

-Aries Industries Portable Pathfinder Unit

-Aries Industries Seeker 2.0 Push Camera

-Spaulding 3 Ton Hot Patcher

-Titan Pro Plus Leaf Loader with ride on seat

These machines coupled with our Pre-Owned units will guarantee that you always have a dealer that is ready to roll when you need it the most

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