Golden Equipment Company

Golden Equipment Company

Our company was started in the mid 70s in Mars, PA to sell and service sewer cleaners and accessories. In the mid 80s, we picked up the Tymco Street Sweeper account, along with other accounts affiliated with the Public Works Departments. Due to our reputation in Sales & Service, several manufacturers that we represent have expanded our Sales & Service Area. Our core products include: Tymco Street Sweepers, Sewer Inspection Cameras, Aquatech/O’Brien Sewer Flushing Equipment, and Pothole Patchers.

Sales & Service Areas

Golden Equipment proudly serves Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New Jersey. Contact one of our offices today for more information. Contact Us Today!

Some Of Our Vendors

Tymco Air Sweepers Street Sweepers

Aries Industries Sewer Inspection Equipment

Aquatech/O’Brien Sewer Products Sewer Cleaners